Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First 2011 CCBA Bill Signed into Law

Assemblymember Jim Silva
Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., has signed into law the first CCBA-sponsored bill to cross his desk since he took office. Last Friday, July 1, Brown gave his approval of AB 354 by Assemblymember Jim Silva, which eliminates an ambiguity in existing law by clarifying that a person who has, in bad faith, used undue influence or committed elder financial abuse to steal from the estate of a decedent, conservatee, minor, or trust, is liable for damages equal to twice the value of the property taken.

AB 354, which passed both houses of the Legislature without a dissenting vote, is based on Resolution 06-04-2010 by the Los Angeles County and Beverly Hills bar associations.  There is no chapter number yet, presumably due to the intervening holiday weekend, but the signing is noted on the Governor's web site.

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